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Damon George

Financial Adviser


Our Company

Retirement Strategies offers all-encompassing services for our clients. As a premier financial advisory firm in the Northwest, our reputation thrives on our high-level of customer satisfaction. When our clients are truly confident in their financial stability, we have done our job. 

Our Values

  1. The Golden Rule – Treat others the way you would want to be treated. This principal isn’t just a catch phrase; it’s the foundation on which we interact with others and begin to build relationships and earn trust in both our personal lives as well as with our clients. Ask yourself, how important is it that the people you love are treated with care and respect? When you pass away, who will continue to provide your spouse or family with trusted financial advice that you once provided? Now is the time to find the right advisor for you, and they must earn your trust. Ensuring they will continue to following the plan you put in place for your loved ones and their future, after you have gone.
  2. Honesty & Integrity – These words aren’t just a marketing or advertising slogan, these words mean everything in our lives. We believe, in life the only thing of value we truly have is our word. A hand shake and a man’s word should be as good as any written contract. Because don’t we all deserve the complete and total truth, especially when it pertains to a person’s life savings? As an Investment Advisor, acting as a fiduciary is the requirement. We must act in our client’s best interest. This role we take very seriously.
  3. Perspective – A large part of what we do as advisors is take very complicated concepts and break them down in a way that is simple and easy for clients to understand. You will hear “advise” from all areas of your life, from neighbors, coworkers, family and friends. Who should you listen to? People get excited, excitement is an emotion, emotion is never part of a good investment decisions. Our clients need to hear the voice of reason, providing perspective when they need it most. That can prevent inexperienced investors from financial ruin.
  4. Hard work should be rewarded – Our goal is to provide clients with the best possible experience. Nothing is more rewarding than having made a difference in someone’s life. We constantly seek to increase our knowledge and experience, focusing on the individual client or couple and their needs and goals. When our clients are successful, we are successful. When we have taken excellent care of our clients, our clients will be thankful and excited to introduce us to their friends and family who they also want to benefit from our services. We will have reached our goal.
  5. Be thankful for our blessings – Everything in life is a gift from the lord! You don’t have to be a Christian to be blessed. Christianity is a way of life, loving, caring and taking care of others. We are thankful for each and every person we can help. Our pledge is to help anyone who is brave enough to ask us for help. There is no requirement to become a client, as not all will be accepted as clients. Acceptance as a client has to be the right fit for both parties. Our time in the first appointment will be given freely to all, and every effort will be made to fulfill your need.

Our Commitment

Whether you are experienced in the world of financial matters or are just starting to build your portfolio, Retirement Strategies can help you every step of the way.

Our Principle

Even if you have an MBA in business, financial matters can be daunting. In addition to managing and growing your money, the experienced staff at Retirement Strategies aims to provide a continued education that will strengthen our working relationship.